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Life is Feudal Rules + Server Info

Welcome to the KOG Life is Feudal Server Info board.
You can direct connect to the server using kogvent.com:28000 as the ip.
This board will be the main source of information on the server. It is up to you to check this forum to stay up to date with things as it is difficult to get information to everyone in game.
PVP is allowed on this server however, grief killing is not allowed. PVP is not permitted in settlements unless there is a bounty being claimed or the violence is justified.(If you killed and robbed a guy in the woods, he/she has every right to kill you back, place a bounty, or order a hit on your character where ever you may be.)

We use a simple "Don't be a dick" rule for conduct on this server. If you are here just to grief and kill then you are being a dick and will be dealt with accordingly. If you have to ask "Is this being a dick?" then you are probably a dick and will also be dealt with accordingly. 
If you fail to abide by these simple rules as a minimum you will be flagged as a criminal to the server. A bounty will be placed on your head 72hr. During this time the server will pay each player who claims it except players with known affiliation to you. The server will only pay a player only one time for the bounty and the amounts may vary. After you have collected a bounty you may continue to hunt the criminal for the duration of the bounties time without consequence from the server.
Bounties are also permitted to be placed if you know someone has crossed you in some way. To find bounties that are available, check the Bounty Board. To collect a bounty, You must screenshot the tomb stone of the player under the bounty and post it also in the bounty board here in this forum.
Cheats and exploits are not allowed. If we find that you are using an exploit or cheat, we will remove it, anything that was built with it, and possibly you from the server. This includes infinite pits, or any other "dupe" bugs and other exploits.
GM's will help you with removal of unwanted objects and buildings but may impose a small tax to do so. We will also provide 1 lantern for lamp post construction if you would like. We think it is silly that a lamp post requires 2 (fairly expensive) lanterns to construct. As with building removal or any other admin help, you may have to pay a small tax for our time.
Currency: Still TBD, see this post http://www.knightowlgamers.com/forums/index.php?/topic/823-thoughts-on-currency/
Our skill cap will drop from the 1650 it started at to 1250. This change is already taking place and will continue to drop by about 10 or 15 pts per week. This is to drive players to trade with others and build the server's economy. At 1250 we believe that a player will be able to build a versatile skill set but still have to trade for items that they cannot make. This change will be felt more by the players not living in towns so to balance this, the Towns will purchase goods made by players to insure that our urban players have a way to make coin to trade for items they will need also. Make sure to set your skill book up to drop skills that you are not using and lock the ones that you are. Skill multiplier will not change for now.
We also provide a public Team Speak 3 server that you are free to use. We prefer that users of TS3 are over the age of 18 as we do not censor the chat nor do we parent you children. There will be many players playing many different games on our TS3 server so you are expected to treat all users with respect. You may also invite friends or guild members to join and use the TS3 server for this game and whatever game you want to play. The connection info for TS3 is knightowlgamers.com:4108
We at KOG will never make anyone pay to use our servers or sites. We are here to provide gamers a place to call home without having to worry about finding a new community for each game they play. Running these servers is not cheap however, so donations are accepted and greatly appreciated to help cover the cost of the servers. You may donate if you like by using the link on the main page of the forum (Top Right, under the Shout Box)
Other than that, use your head, don't steal, don't cheat, and we will all have fun!

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