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Thoughts on Currency

I have been putting thought into reinstating currency into the world. I would not go about this the same way we did the last time however. I have been thinking of a few new methods and would like to lay them out for you all to discuss here.

I am looking for players thoughts on this to try and find a good balance for every or skill line to distribute the coin.

Here are my rough ideas:

We will have a set amount of currency in the world. This will not exactly be a set number of coin but an exact value of coin. This system will use all three types of coin but will primarily use copper and silver for day to day trade.

For the values of the coins I have this in mind :

100 Copper coins = 1 Silver coin

100 Silver coins = 1 Gold coin

We would keep a set value in the world of 50 Gold Coins. This total value may be in any combination of coins but we would never have more than 50 Gold coins worth of currency active in the world.

For example, if all the currency was in circulation at the same time, and all players converted it to copper coin, there would be 500000 copper coins in the world. Of course we would not have all the currency out at the same time and it won't all be in copper form, but i think that will give you an idea of what I am going for.

So you need to think of the coins as units of currency We will call these units Throne or "T" for short. There are only 500000T available in the world and you can collect in three forms where

Copper coin= 1 T

Silver coin= 100 T

Gold coin = 10000 T

To distribute the coin:

I have been trying to think of a way to distribute the coins so that everybody in any professional line will have an opportunity to earn some coin from the server. The Server will pay out coin in the form of silver which can then be exchanged for copper or even gold coin if you collected enough for one.

Server Payout: I know this may need to be adjusted to balance the system but we need to start somewhere.

Smelting- 200 iron bars= 1 silver coin

Carpentry- 500 saplings in a Chest= 1 silver coin

Herbalism- 200 prep/flavor= 1 silver coin

Construction- 900 slate/900 marble in a Trade cart= 1 silver coin

Procuration- 150 leather= 1 silver coin

All items turned in for coin by players will be deleted from the world after payment. So, for a Carpenter to turn in charcoal in a cart, both the cart and fuel are deleted. The quality lvl of the items will not make any difference on the payout from the server.

I ran some math on the iron bars and with this formula the raw material cost of a shovel is around 2 to 3 copper coins.

For Flux with this, out of 200 preps only 20% are flux, run the math and add 80% upcharge for the junk herb and the raw cost of Flux would be around 4 copper coin for 3 flux. This price for flux will probably decline slightly once people team up and make flux less rare.

This sets a base price for leather at 2 for 3 copper coin.

The selling prices for the items will be set by the crafters and may depend on the quality of the finished product also. This just gives us a starting point for setting prices on all crafted or harvested items and raw material.

I would like your input on this subject to hopefully refine and balance the system before we release it.

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