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KOG Forum and Ventrilo Conduct Rules

This is an open community welcoming members from around the globe. Because of our diversity it is very possible to encounter members with ideas that you may not agree with. The basic idea here is to keep it peaceful.


Do not slander, insult, harass, or bully any other members. KOG does welcome all types of discussion and debate but getting nasty about anything or towards another member is not accepted or tolerated. Doing so in your own topic will result in a closed topic. Lashing out at members through the forums or on the voice server can result in you suspension from using KOG services and can ultimately lead to the BAN HAMMER.


Do not SPAM. We will not tolerate spam in the Forums or the voice comms.


Keep it clean. This is a mature community but NOT a porn site. There are already plenty of those to choose from online.


Do not post ads. This site is not your advertising playground. You are encouraged to promote your own art work, software or hardware development, and even new games that interest you. You are not permitted to post html ads from any 3rd party retailers, publishers, or brokers.


Be courteous to members in Ventrilo. I love to stop in and chat with all of the different guilds from time to time. This is fine but, if the members request that only game chatter is allowed in a channel you need to respect that request.


Do not ask to be admin or moderator. KOG has been around a while and we have a good core to handle staff operations. If we feel that your service is needed, then we will ask you.

--- The exception to this is for Guild Moderators. If you are in a position of power with your particular guild, you may be given simple moderation powers to handle those responsibilities both on the web site and in Ventrilo.


Do not post game hacks, bots, or cheats of any kind.  KOG is a Fair Play Community. We will not endorse any kind of hack, bot, or anything that would give an unfair advantage to a player in a multi-player game. However, You may post this kind of content for a single player game, or if the mod/hack is allowed by the game developer and does not grant an unfair advantage to a player. For example, Many games do support custom UI (WOW) this kind of mod is welcome but things like Aim Bots, Wall hacks, etc. are not allowed.


Do not post copywrited material. This includes Pirated software, music, videos, movies, and artwork. If it is illegal, don't post it. KOG doesn't mind discussion of these topics but cannot distribute the material.


We would also ask that you do not share any photos or information posted by another member without that member’s permission. This is based on an honor system. You should know if the info you are sharing is personal to somebody else or not. Be smart.


KOG site Registration -

** Because of the problem with spam and bot accounts, all new members will have to be approved by a KOG staff member. The quickest way to get your account validated is to join the Ventrilo Server and request the validation be completed by an admin. If you cannot do this, be patient and we will get to you.

Gmail accounts -

** Due to a LARGE number of spammers using Gmail to distribute their crap, and Google's lack of action against these accounts, registering to KOG's web site with a Gmail account is not allowed. We at KOG realize that is an inconvenience to many potential members as many of us also use Gmail accounts of our own. After your account has been validated, you are welcome to change the email tied to your account to your preferred Gmail account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and would encourage you to write to Google demanding action against these spammer accounts.


Common sense goes a long way in today’s world. Use your head, don't be mean and you will have no problems.

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