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  1. One big help in the video card department. If your using a AMD card turn off MSAA. It will almost double your frame rate and hardly effect graphic quality.
  2. Ordered mine thru Amazon for $60.94 [shipping included]. This is the Limited Edition and delivery is dated for Oct. 25. I am going to build a new system this week using Asus P8P67 PRO board - Intel .i5 2500K - Kingston HyperX 240Gig SSD - 16 Gig Corsair Extreme memory - MSI Twin Frozr 11 HD 6950 2GB video card and water cooled.
  3. PS3........Whooooo Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Stop you killing me. Real Men play on PC.......
  4. Already have mine ordered, I prefer to have the CD in my hot little hands.