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  1. Already voted for it, Moods but thanks for the heads up.
  2. Why am I not your friend, Bubba?

  3. What if the "Hokey Pokey" really isn't what it

  4. What is the "Hokey Pokey" really isn't what it's all about?

  5. Hi Fred. Welcome to KOG. If you and Rob wish to have a golfers forum here for you guild please let me know and we'll get the ball rolling. Thanks again for joining.


  6. You're very kind. Thank you!

  7. Hey Steve. Welcome to KOG.

  8. Hi Colubio. nice to hear from you. How are you, dahling?

  9. Hey Clyde. Can you look me up when you have a free minute. I need a favor. Thanks, Amber.

  10. Welcome to KOG and 420 Os. 8)

  11. I am good, Bruno. Tyfa. Been in VA for a week but back now. 8)