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Camel Lots

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  1. 21 years married tomorrow. Off to Dinner with the wife and kids. Love U Dee for putting up with me for this long :)...more years to come

  2. Merry Xmas everyone...have a great day and please be safe....

  3. 16 years ago my wonderful daughter Megan was born, Happy Bithday Megs and hope you hvae a good one, Love Dad

  4. Another year older...another year slower...another year passing me bye...still happy :)

  5. Why am I not your friend, Bubba?

  6. hacked by his daughter

  7. Happy Mothers days to all.....Love to Dee and mum

  8. Hey Bubba,

    Just wanted to pop in and tell my favorite Aussie Bubba, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. I miss ya lots. Drop me a line now and then. Say hi to the children and Mrs. *hugsssssss*