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  1. Welcome to the KOG Life is Feudal Server Info board. You can direct connect to the server using kogvent.com:28000 as the ip. This board will be the main source of information on the server. It is up to you to check this forum to stay up to date with things as it is difficult to get information to everyone in game. PVP is allowed on this server however, grief killing is not allowed. PVP is not permitted in settlements unless there is a bounty being claimed or the violence is justified.(If you killed and robbed a guy in the woods, he/she has every right to kill you back, place a bounty, or order a hit on your character where ever you may be.) We use a simple "Don't be a dick" rule for conduct on this server. If you are here just to grief and kill then you are being a dick and will be dealt with accordingly. If you have to ask "Is this being a dick?" then you are probably a dick and will also be dealt with accordingly. If you fail to abide by these simple rules as a minimum you will be flagged as a criminal to the server. A bounty will be placed on your head 72hr. During this time the server will pay each player who claims it except players with known affiliation to you. The server will only pay a player only one time for the bounty and the amounts may vary. After you have collected a bounty you may continue to hunt the criminal for the duration of the bounties time without consequence from the server. Bounties are also permitted to be placed if you know someone has crossed you in some way. To find bounties that are available, check the Bounty Board. To collect a bounty, You must screenshot the tomb stone of the player under the bounty and post it also in the bounty board here in this forum. Cheats and exploits are not allowed. If we find that you are using an exploit or cheat, we will remove it, anything that was built with it, and possibly you from the server. This includes infinite pits, or any other "dupe" bugs and other exploits. GM's will help you with removal of unwanted objects and buildings but may impose a small tax to do so. We will also provide 1 lantern for lamp post construction if you would like. We think it is silly that a lamp post requires 2 (fairly expensive) lanterns to construct. As with building removal or any other admin help, you may have to pay a small tax for our time. Currency: Still TBD, see this post http://www.knightowlgamers.com/forums/index.php?/topic/823-thoughts-on-currency/ Our skill cap will drop from the 1650 it started at to 1250. This change is already taking place and will continue to drop by about 10 or 15 pts per week. This is to drive players to trade with others and build the server's economy. At 1250 we believe that a player will be able to build a versatile skill set but still have to trade for items that they cannot make. This change will be felt more by the players not living in towns so to balance this, the Towns will purchase goods made by players to insure that our urban players have a way to make coin to trade for items they will need also. Make sure to set your skill book up to drop skills that you are not using and lock the ones that you are. Skill multiplier will not change for now. We also provide a public Team Speak 3 server that you are free to use. We prefer that users of TS3 are over the age of 18 as we do not censor the chat nor do we parent you children. There will be many players playing many different games on our TS3 server so you are expected to treat all users with respect. You may also invite friends or guild members to join and use the TS3 server for this game and whatever game you want to play. The connection info for TS3 is knightowlgamers.com:4108 We at KOG will never make anyone pay to use our servers or sites. We are here to provide gamers a place to call home without having to worry about finding a new community for each game they play. Running these servers is not cheap however, so donations are accepted and greatly appreciated to help cover the cost of the servers. You may donate if you like by using the link on the main page of the forum (Top Right, under the Shout Box) Other than that, use your head, don't steal, don't cheat, and we will all have fun!
  2. I have been putting thought into reinstating currency into the world. I would not go about this the same way we did the last time however. I have been thinking of a few new methods and would like to lay them out for you all to discuss here. I am looking for players thoughts on this to try and find a good balance for every or skill line to distribute the coin. Here are my rough ideas: We will have a set amount of currency in the world. This will not exactly be a set number of coin but an exact value of coin. This system will use all three types of coin but will primarily use copper and silver for day to day trade. For the values of the coins I have this in mind : 100 Copper coins = 1 Silver coin 100 Silver coins = 1 Gold coin We would keep a set value in the world of 50 Gold Coins. This total value may be in any combination of coins but we would never have more than 50 Gold coins worth of currency active in the world. For example, if all the currency was in circulation at the same time, and all players converted it to copper coin, there would be 500000 copper coins in the world. Of course we would not have all the currency out at the same time and it won't all be in copper form, but i think that will give you an idea of what I am going for. So you need to think of the coins as units of currency We will call these units Throne or "T" for short. There are only 500000T available in the world and you can collect in three forms where Copper coin= 1 T Silver coin= 100 T Gold coin = 10000 T To distribute the coin: I have been trying to think of a way to distribute the coins so that everybody in any professional line will have an opportunity to earn some coin from the server. The Server will pay out coin in the form of silver which can then be exchanged for copper or even gold coin if you collected enough for one. Server Payout: I know this may need to be adjusted to balance the system but we need to start somewhere. Smelting- 200 iron bars= 1 silver coin Carpentry- 500 saplings in a Chest= 1 silver coin Herbalism- 200 prep/flavor= 1 silver coin Construction- 900 slate/900 marble in a Trade cart= 1 silver coin Procuration- 150 leather= 1 silver coin All items turned in for coin by players will be deleted from the world after payment. So, for a Carpenter to turn in charcoal in a cart, both the cart and fuel are deleted. The quality lvl of the items will not make any difference on the payout from the server. I ran some math on the iron bars and with this formula the raw material cost of a shovel is around 2 to 3 copper coins. For Flux with this, out of 200 preps only 20% are flux, run the math and add 80% upcharge for the junk herb and the raw cost of Flux would be around 4 copper coin for 3 flux. This price for flux will probably decline slightly once people team up and make flux less rare. This sets a base price for leather at 2 for 3 copper coin. The selling prices for the items will be set by the crafters and may depend on the quality of the finished product also. This just gives us a starting point for setting prices on all crafted or harvested items and raw material. I would like your input on this subject to hopefully refine and balance the system before we release it. Click here to view the article
  3. This is an open community welcoming members from around the globe. Because of our diversity it is very possible to encounter members with ideas that you may not agree with. The basic idea here is to keep it peaceful. Do not slander, insult, harass, or bully any other members. KOG does welcome all types of discussion and debate but getting nasty about anything or towards another member is not accepted or tolerated. Doing so in your own topic will result in a closed topic. Lashing out at members through the forums or on the voice server can result in you suspension from using KOG services and can ultimately lead to the BAN HAMMER. Do not SPAM. We will not tolerate spam in the Forums or the voice comms. Keep it clean. This is a mature community but NOT a porn site. There are already plenty of those to choose from online. Do not post ads. This site is not your advertising playground. You are encouraged to promote your own art work, software or hardware development, and even new games that interest you. You are not permitted to post html ads from any 3rd party retailers, publishers, or brokers. Be courteous to members in Ventrilo. I love to stop in and chat with all of the different guilds from time to time. This is fine but, if the members request that only game chatter is allowed in a channel you need to respect that request. Do not ask to be admin or moderator. KOG has been around a while and we have a good core to handle staff operations. If we feel that your service is needed, then we will ask you. --- The exception to this is for Guild Moderators. If you are in a position of power with your particular guild, you may be given simple moderation powers to handle those responsibilities both on the web site and in Ventrilo. Do not post game hacks, bots, or cheats of any kind. KOG is a Fair Play Community. We will not endorse any kind of hack, bot, or anything that would give an unfair advantage to a player in a multi-player game. However, You may post this kind of content for a single player game, or if the mod/hack is allowed by the game developer and does not grant an unfair advantage to a player. For example, Many games do support custom UI (WOW) this kind of mod is welcome but things like Aim Bots, Wall hacks, etc. are not allowed. Do not post copywrited material. This includes Pirated software, music, videos, movies, and artwork. If it is illegal, don't post it. KOG doesn't mind discussion of these topics but cannot distribute the material. We would also ask that you do not share any photos or information posted by another member without that member’s permission. This is based on an honor system. You should know if the info you are sharing is personal to somebody else or not. Be smart. KOG site Registration - ** Because of the problem with spam and bot accounts, all new members will have to be approved by a KOG staff member. The quickest way to get your account validated is to join the Ventrilo Server and request the validation be completed by an admin. If you cannot do this, be patient and we will get to you. Gmail accounts - ** Due to a LARGE number of spammers using Gmail to distribute their crap, and Google's lack of action against these accounts, registering to KOG's web site with a Gmail account is not allowed. We at KOG realize that is an inconvenience to many potential members as many of us also use Gmail accounts of our own. After your account has been validated, you are welcome to change the email tied to your account to your preferred Gmail account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and would encourage you to write to Google demanding action against these spammer accounts. Common sense goes a long way in today’s world. Use your head, don't be mean and you will have no problems.
  4. Another year in the books for the KOG community. Lots of things went on this year and I would like to close it off with this shiny new Blog feature to the web site. If you don't know already, the picture is from the First Annual KOG Outting. Pictured... rpgmoods (bottom left), Ru420Baked (top left), Robert (middle), Joker420 (inside right), Pbakerjr63 (far right). We had talked for years about doing a trip like this and I am glad we finally did. We had a blast. Spent the weekend in the Pocono Mountains and attended several races leading up to the Sprint Cup race. Many stories came home with me from the trip and I can't wait for next year! I hope that we can build on the event and get a few more members to come and hang out for the weekend next summer. Seeing a lot of members come and go. This is something that is inevitable in a gaming community. There are always players that will come and go as the games do. I am very happy to see that the core of the community is holding strong here at KOG. I have also been very excited to see all the new members that are joining. Don't be afraid to bring in your friends! We at KOG are always happy to have them, even if it is an entire guild! The more the merrier! If need be, we would gladly upgrade our servers before turning away you or any of your friends or guildies. Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft... This year Baked and I were introduced to the little game called Minecraft. We spent hours playing with our new (Vanilla) Minecraft experience, built A LOT of really cool things by hand ( Full size Pirate Ship, Entire Town to live in, huge bridges spanning continents, etc.) We could have played forever and never got bored with the tools provided to us by Minecraft. But, then BigDog joined and showed us the world of Forge and the Minecraft modding community. I could go on all day about this stuff but instead I will lead into my next paragraph with it. With the ever expanding game and the endless list of mods, things could get very confusing for a new player. Thankfully, FTB was developed greatly simplifying the process. Currently BigDog's server has evolved to a dedicated machine and is getting ready to handle a full load of miners and crafters. Dog's server (actually servers, 1 hardcore mode) are not yet open to the public but KOG members are welcome to apply to the white list and help with the testing. Be sure to keep an eye on this post and the Minecraft Forum to stay up to date. If you are browsing around in the Mincraft Forum you may also see Ryat's Mod. This is a mod being developed by one of our own KOG staff members. I am very excited about this mod and can't wait to showcase it right here at KnightOwlGamers.com. KOG finally found the end of the road with our former web host Host Monster. We were up for renewal and could not reach a deal. I would like to thank Host Monster for the years of great service they provided. We have a very good relationship with our new host however, and are looking forward to a great future with them. If CrossFire-Hosting sound a little familiar to you, it should. It belongs to another one of our KOG staff Trex (some may know him as DJ-Fire) who also owns CrossFire-Radio, an affiliate of KOG. While we are on the subject of servers I would like to remind you all that KOG does run strictly on community donations and directly out of staff's pocket. We do not and never will require anyone to pay for our services. But, if you love to use these services and can afford to kick back to the community, every dollar helps us to insure that you never have to find another community to game with! New features are coming to the site. Obviously, Blogs are here! With the new servers, and locally developed game mods, KOG's website is expanding to help keep the entire community informed with the most up to date news possible. We will be using these new tools and expansions to help show case the community servers, and development. As we are expanding the site to handle this content, we would also like to expand the staff creating it. KOG is looking for talented people who are willing to help develop the web site, the mods, and the community in general to make this community the best Gaming Community online! There are a lot of new games on the horizon along with a few popular ones we play now that are welcoming the modding community with open arms. Mods have always made even great games better and I for one am glad to see the future of PC gaming favoring them. I want KOG to be a home to these mod developers and artist, and provide a place for them to showcase their work! Be sure to Like KOG on FaceBook and follow this Blog to get the fastest notifications about community news and events. Well, that is going to just about wrap it up for this year at KOG. It has been a great one and we are looking forward to the future. KOG is time tested and dug in for the long haul! On behalf of all the staff here at KOG I wish you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season! Have a great time and we will see you all next year!!
  5. If you are using a head set for ventrilo voice chat, you would select your device from the drop down list instead of "Default Direct Sound Device" KOG Ventrilo Server IP/Hostname= KOGvent.com Server port= 4108 Password is NOT needed for a new/guest account. Special Thanks to KOG member Grim for this guide. Click below to download the Ventrilo client according to your Operating System Windows 32bit (XP, Vista, Windows 7) Windows 64bit (All 64bit platforms) Mac OSX
  6. Count me in. I can't wait for this season to start
  7. First, Make sure you have the power button and reset switch hooked up correctly on the board ex. ground wire(usually white) to - and positive to +
  8. Hey gammers. In a few days congress will be voting on 2 bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) These bills will change the internet forever as we know it. These bills, if passed, will cencor the web and create huge problems for online business. Convince Congress to vote no and save our internet! The bills are due for a vote on Janurary 24 so do not wait another second. Help stop these bills by signing the End Piracy not Liberty Petition. Just click on the fallowing link and fill out the form. All you have to give is an e-mail addy and zip code to sign the petition. http://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ Please don't wait another second and tell everyone you know to sign!
  9. Hey guys. Through running this a a few other web sites i have found my self hooked up in a few affiliate programs. I figured i would start posting some things here for you to check out. I can get some pretty good deals through Logitech, Origin, NewEgg, and several other companies. Let me know if you would like to see some links as everytime you buy through them it will kick a small % back to KOG! These are a few that came in from Origin for Black Friday. Enjoy! $30 off Battlefield 3 - Black Friday <a href="http://send.onenetworkdirect.net/z/517354/CD141137/"> Buy Now!</a> *Cyber Monday* $30 off Battlefield 3 - Cyber Monday <a href="http://send.onenetworkdirect.net/z/517355/CD141137/"> Buy Now!</a>
  10. that 560 should handle anything you can throw it. I still run a 460 and haven't had to drop off of maxed settings for anything. Matter of fact... i have a machine with a 260 in it and it still runs everything very well. just no dx11 on it
  11. I've been playing around with the BETA and it looks good. Be placing my order soon i think.
  12. Here is the trailer. Game is set to release 10-26-2011. <br /> <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOHjF4_apI?version=3"><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOHjF4_apI?version=3"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOHjF4_apI?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="360"></object>
  13. As you have probably noticed things have been changing around here. KOG Battle is one of the many new additions to the site. This is a Battle game for anyone who is registered to the site. We are able to forum guilds and clan battle within our own Community!! A few of you may have already been attacked by me or Baked as we tested things out. LOL It is pretty simple to get started. Simply log into the site and click the "KOG Battle" link at the top menu. This will take you to a page where you can get some stats, shop, form guilds, attack members, READ TUTORIALS, and everything else. You can also check a members stats or attack them directly from their profile page by clicking the "ibprobattle" link there. Earning cash for the shop is done in many ways. Obviously, being active in the battle can earn some cash, (it can also be stolen by attacking members from you) and by simply being active on the site and in the forums will earn points as well. Once things pick up we will be holding contest within the game that will also pay out very well. If you haven't already, try it out now and join the battle!! Click here to view the article
  14. Hey guys. I just got all of my new toys for my PC and i am putting the hardware i replaced up for sale. The Mother Board i have is no slouch! Newegg still has it listed here for $159. They have a great page on the specs and components for this board too. The CPU is an AMD Phenom II x3 720. This is the black edition chip and is ready to be overclocked. It is possible to try and unlock the 4th core with the MB but i have never tried it. I will eventually list these on Ebay but i thought i would give KOG the first shot at them. Let me know if you are interested. Note: MB is ATX form factor, I bought the CPU OEM so i have no cooler for it, although i can send one with it for a lil extra $$