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  1. Good to see the Australian middle order reminding us why test cricket is the best form of the sport.

  2. I got the best family and friends in the world I can't wait to make some more fantastic memories in 2012 bring it on :-)

  3. anyone know who got man of the match.....Broncos V Dragons ????

  4. Any conjecture about "Back to Karkand" can now be put to rest. http://bf3blog.com/tag/back-to-karkand/ Looks like its gonna be pretty fkn sweet.
  5. yeah Moods ran FRAPS while in game lowest I saw it get to was 62 FPS. so will be just fine. 2 would look sweeter though....lol
  6. Just went out and pre-ordered my copy of BF3......Limited Edition. Will see you guys in there in a little over a week.
  7. Sounds sweet Old Coot, built my rig a couple of weeks ago. P8Z68-V Pro Motherboard i7 2600k 8gb Corsair Vengeance Ram MSI 560ti Hawk Corsair H60 CPU Watercooler 60gb OCZ Agility SSD..................BAD mistake need at least 120gb, so will buy another and raid them. I posted some photos in the KOG gallery, probably gonna need to buy another graphics card after looking at battlefield 3.
  8. Downloading Beta as we or I speak.
  9. Sweet, about time you fkrs started playing something I do, gonna pre order mine in a week or so. Look forward to killing you all in game soon. You guys intend on using vent or the in game voice chat?? Where are you guys buying it from??.......Saw it for $60 on Amazon.....$80 through origin.
  10. Just popped in to say hi. Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!