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  1. Player has been fixed and is now working.
  2. Knightowlgamers.com website (if you haven't noticed yet) has been completed overhauled and updated. The Gallery, Arcade, Battle System, and the board itself has all been updated. If you happen to run into any problems or issues on the site itself, be sure to contact a moderator or an admin and let them know about it.
  3. Hell everything you buy today, is out of date tomorrow lol
  4. You lie! Rob told me you put it there. :-P

  5. Hiya, member of 420 here, not seeing any posts yet while being logged into KOG, seetings say i'm not subscribeded to any forum yet :(

  6. What's it mean, "I'm a birdie?" O_o

  7. tank you very big! :D lol

  8. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the web page, Mark. It looks great.

  9. Members can now register using Facebook connect. Just click on the FB Icon before registering, and follow the steps from there... Its fast, its easy, Its KOG and Facebook!