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Community News and Updates.

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blog-0526258001387070082.jpgAnother year in the books for the KOG community. Lots of things went on this year and I would like to close it off with this shiny new Blog feature to the web site.

If you don't know already, the picture is from the First Annual KOG Outting. Pictured... rpgmoods (bottom left), Ru420Baked (top left), Robert (middle), Joker420 (inside right), Pbakerjr63 (far right). We had talked for years about doing a trip like this and I am glad we finally did. We had a blast. Spent the weekend in the Pocono Mountains and attended several races leading up to the Sprint Cup race. Many stories came home with me from the trip and I can't wait for next year! I hope that we can build on the event and get a few more members to come and hang out for the weekend next summer.

Seeing a lot of members come and go. This is something that is inevitable in a gaming community. There are always players that will come and go as the games do. I am very happy to see that the core of the community is holding strong here at KOG. I have also been very excited to see all the new members that are joining. Don't be afraid to bring in your friends! We at KOG are always happy to have them, even if it is an entire guild! The more the merrier! If need be, we would gladly upgrade our servers before turning away you or any of your friends or guildies.

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft...

This year Baked and I were introduced to the little game called Minecraft. We spent hours playing with our new (Vanilla) Minecraft experience, built A LOT of really cool things by hand ( Full size Pirate Ship, Entire Town to live in, huge bridges spanning continents, etc.) We could have played forever and never got bored with the tools provided to us by Minecraft. But, then BigDog joined and showed us the world of Forge and the Minecraft modding community. I could go on all day about this stuff but instead I will lead into my next paragraph with it.

With the ever expanding game and the endless list of mods, things could get very confusing for a new player. Thankfully, FTB was developed greatly simplifying the process. Currently BigDog's server has evolved to a dedicated machine and is getting ready to handle a full load of miners and crafters. Dog's server (actually servers, 1 hardcore mode) are not yet open to the public but KOG members are welcome to apply to the white list and help with the testing. Be sure to keep an eye on this post and the Minecraft Forum to stay up to date.

If you are browsing around in the Mincraft Forum you may also see Ryat's Mod. This is a mod being developed by one of our own KOG staff members. I am very excited about this mod and can't wait to showcase it right here at KnightOwlGamers.com.

KOG finally found the end of the road with our former web host Host Monster. We were up for renewal and could not reach a deal. I would like to thank Host Monster for the years of great service they provided. We have a very good relationship with our new host however, and are looking forward to a great future with them. If CrossFire-Hosting sound a little familiar to you, it should. It belongs to another one of our KOG staff Trex (some may know him as DJ-Fire) who also owns CrossFire-Radio, an affiliate of KOG.

While we are on the subject of servers I would like to remind you all that KOG does run strictly on community donations and directly out of staff's pocket. We do not and never will require anyone to pay for our services. But, if you love to use these services and can afford to kick back to the community, every dollar helps us to insure that you never have to find another community to game with!

New features are coming to the site. Obviously, Blogs are here! With the new servers, and locally developed game mods, KOG's website is expanding to help keep the entire community informed with the most up to date news possible. We will be using these new tools and expansions to help show case the community servers, and development. As we are expanding the site to handle this content, we would also like to expand the staff creating it. KOG is looking for talented people who are willing to help develop the web site, the mods, and the community in general to make this community the best Gaming Community online! There are a lot of new games on the horizon along with a few popular ones we play now that are welcoming the modding community with open arms. Mods have always made even great games better and I for one am glad to see the future of PC gaming favoring them. I want KOG to be a home to these mod developers and artist, and provide a place for them to showcase their work!

Be sure to Like KOG on FaceBook and follow this Blog to get the fastest notifications about community news and events.

Well, that is going to just about wrap it up for this year at KOG. It has been a great one and we are looking forward to the future. KOG is time tested and dug in for the long haul!

On behalf of all the staff here at KOG I wish you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season! Have a great time and we will see you all next year!!

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